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Welcome to Friends of ORIS - Australia and New Zealand’s no.1 ORIS watch retailer with the largest ORIS forum in the world. We don’t sell out of our territory (Australia and New Zealand) because we are not comfortable being the largest ORIS dealers in the world, yet our forum is open to all. Mind you, if you are in Oceania drop us a line.

We love ORIS watches, we only sell ORIS watches. We provide you the best ORIS Authorised price this side of Pluto with service that is renowned as the benchmark in the world.

The man on the right will be answering your questions. His name is Warren...don’t be scared - "Wazza" is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world of ORIS Watches. Trust me, if things go wrong with your ORIS in Oz or NZ, you don’t want to be calling Kim Jong Il at a call centre somewhere north of Manilla. Buying ORIS watches online overseas voids your ORIS Australia Service Warranty. Relax...we will do the same or close to the same authorised dealer price. 

ORIS watches are seriously brilliant and affordable mechanical time pieces. By this stage no doubt you have already researched the hell out of them. If you haven’t, visit our forums. We certainly are your best and safest option for purchases in Oz and NZ. If you would like a personal quote or have any questions, contact Warren. If you feel comfortable cruising the website and would like the best pricing in Oz / NZ, click the Coupon link on your watch of choice and we'll shoot through a personalised code to go shopping.

We are passionate about ORIS watches. We know one will be on your wrist shortly!

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Lisa and Smithy took care of my inquiry like I was an old friend. I must have gone back and forward ten times but they never made me feel like a nuisance. Well done FOOF!

Dean Bailey, Perth